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Actions Creator

actionsCreator is an action producer, with which we can create any action object in dynamic and inline ways.


npm install redux-cool


Example: Actions Creator

import {actionsCreator} from "redux-cool"

const first_action = actionsCreator.MY.FIRST.ACTION("arg1", "arg2")console.log(first_action)//      {//          type: "MY/FIRST/ACTION",//          args: ["arg1", "arg2"],//          cb: f() identity,//          _index: 1//      } 
const second_action =      {//          type: "This/is/my/second/action",//          args: [2021],//          cb: f() identity,//          _index: 2//      } 

//      If we just need to generate an action type as a string,//      we can do it easilyconst type1 = String(actionsCreator.MY.FIRST.ACTION)console.log(type1)//      "MY/FIRST/ACTION"
//      or any string conversionconst type2 = actionsCreator.MY.FIRST.ACTION + ""console.log(type2)//      "MY/FIRST/ACTION"

As we see in the example above, every action object has following fields:

  • type : <String> action type as a string
  • args :<Array> any array that contains all the data needed for the action
  • cb : <Function> callback function by default is an identity function (x => x), but we can pass any function if we need to have a callback. The next example below shows how to pass that.
  • _index : <Integer> positive integer number (1, 2, 3, ...)․ It is created automatically and shows action order by index. It can be used as a unique identifier or help understand which action was created earlier(in rare cases, it may be necessary)

Actions With Callback#

Sometimes we need the action to have callback capability. It might be necessary in many cases. Actions Creator allows us to do this in a beautiful way: When we try to generate an action object, we can pass the callback function as the last argument. Actions Creator will check and if the last argument is a function, it will be considered as a callback function.

import {actionsCreator} from "redux-cool"

const my_callback = () => {    console.log("Hello, I am callback!!!")}
const callbackable_action = actionsCreator.CALLBACKABLE.EXAMPLE(1, 2, 3, my_callback)
console.log(callbackable_action)//      {//          type: "CALLBACKABLE/EXAMPLE",//          args: [1, 2, 3],//          cb: f() my_callback,//          _index: 1//      }
callbackable_action.cb()//      "Hello, I am callback!!!"